Quick and easy tuna pancit that anyone can whip up any time, any day.

Century Tuna Pancit Canton


1 155 grams Century Tuna with Calamansi
2 80g pack Instant Pancit Canton
½ cup carrots cut into thin strips
1 cup shredded cabbage


  1. Cook pancit canton noodles according to packaging instructions. Do not add the seasoning yet. Drain noodles and set aside.
  2. Open Century Tuna with Calamansi can and drain. Reserve broth.
  3. In medium size skillet. Add broth, carrots, cabbage and tuna. Bring to a quick boil.
  4. Toss in cooked noodles into the skillet and add seasonings. Mix well until heated through.
  5. Transfer cooked tuna pancit canton into a serving platter. Serve hot.

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